About Us

Ucil Synchem Pvt Ltd. was established in the year 1992. We are a company backed by a group of technocrats.

We have been awarded the prestigious ISO-9001 quality system certificate for our products Heat Shrinkable Jointing Kits & Cast Resin Kits.

Our Cable Jointing Kits from 1.1 KV up to 33KV have met all the requirements in India as well as International standards.

The Heat Shrinkable components meet ESI9-13 / EATS 9-13 standards and have been tested in an internationally approved test laboratory. The quality objective of the company is to produce conforming products every time, ensuring that consistency in the quality level of the product is of the highest standards and that only the best products are supplied every time. 

Ucil has been serving a wide range of clientele both in India & countries like, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Bahrain, Zambia, South Africa.



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