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Cast Resin based Straight Joints
  & branch Joints for 1100 Volts

Gripsil Straight Joints & Branch Joints for 1100 Volts


Gripsil cable jointing kits are specially designed for easy jointing of cable. The jointing kits have passed the Electricity Council C81 type test. The low Voltage jointing kits are used for XLPE /PVC/ PILC cables.

The following kits are manufactured by us

Straight through Joints
Branch Joints
Parallel Branch Joints
Pot End (live & dead ends)

We can also supply jointing kits as per customer's design & specifications.

The jointing kits comprises of the following:

Ear thing set
Mould in two halves
Cable jointing compound - Resin and Hardener Mould holding clips
Riser & pouring gate seal
Compression Connectors(Mechanical Shear Head Connectors on request)
Sponge Sheets
Rubber insulating sheets

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