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Cable Jointing Kits Heat Shrinkable Type Cable Jointing Kits Cast Resin Type Polymeric Insulators Low Voltage Terminations Bus Bar Insulation Tubing's
For XLPE / PILC / PVC Cables
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L V Cast Resin Branch Joints
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For Outdoor Terminations
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Indoor & Outdoor Terminations
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Bar Tubes
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Heat Shrink 3 Core & 1 Core
  Indoor Outdoor Terminations

For XLPE / PVC / PILC Screened cables upto 36KV(E)


Gripsil Heat Shrinkable

3 core & 12 core Indoor Outdoor Teminations are suitable for XLPE / PVC / PILC medium Voltage Cables from 3.3 KV upto 36 Kv(E)


Adequete stress control
Easy to handle
Wide cross-section range
Excellent behavious under enviornmental polution
Unlimited shelf life
Immeditely operational, kits testes as per IS 13573 at CPRI
Kits conform to requirements of VDE0278 , IEEE48, IEC & other International standards.

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