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Polymeric Insulators
  For Outdoor Termination

Termination mounted on a single pole require reasonable clearance from the structure and support. The Polymeric Insulators with mounting Brackets are used to provide support to the Outdoor terminations from 11KV up to 36KV.

The insulator is made from a glass reinforced core covered with weather resistant Polymeric shaded sleeve with metallic fittings at both ends.

Gripsil insulators have the advantage of better creepage, good electrical properties and better performance in highly polluted environments and resistant to chemical and UV radiation.

Value for 11 KV
Value for 33KV
Wet Power frequency with stand Voltage
28 Kv for 1 Min
70 Kv for 1 Min.
Lightning Impulse with
stand Voltage
95 KV Peak
170 KV Peak

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