Aluminium Mechnical Type Connectors

Aluminium Mechnical Shearhead Type Connectors

We manufacture Shear Headtype Mechanical Aluminium Connectors which are suitable for 1.1KV cable connectors all ranges 4c x to 4 c x 500 These connectors are suitable for circular and sector shaped condustors both for Aluminium and Copper. A Brass guage is provided with every connector which is to be wound over the copper condustor. Gripsil connectors are suitable for straight, Branch and Double branch Joints. We also manufacture Split type Barrier Connector for Transition Joints also. These are very easy to install and require no special tool.                  A ratchet spanner is used to shear the bolts after tightening the connector firmly on the conductor.

We manufacture mechanical connectors suitable for Low voltage Resin Joints & also for Heat Shrinkable Joints & are also capable to manufacture connectors as per customers requirements & design.


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