Bimetallic Lugs & Connectors

Gripsil has pioneered in manufacture of Bimetallic Crimping Type Friction welded Lugs & In-line Connectors, designed and tested as per BS 4759 standard. These Lugs & Connectors are manufactured from solid electrolytic grade material by friction welding. Friction welding is a superior technology to give a complete bonding between Aluminum & Copper

We manufacture special purpose, Bimetallic Lugs for various conductor sizes. Similarly our Bimetallic in line connectors are suitable for different cable sizes. We can manufacture any bimetallic Aluminum to Copper Terminal of Inline Connector as per customer's design. The connector & Lug barrels are filed with grease to avoid oxidation of Aluminum.

We also provide Pre Insulated bimetallic Lugs.


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