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  1. Heat Shrink Indoor & Outdoor Terminations


      For XLPE / PVC / PILC Screened cables upto 36KV(E)


    Gripsil Heat Shrinkable

    3 core & 1 core Indoor Outdoor Teminations are suitable for XLPE / PVC / PILC medium Voltage Cables from 3.3 KV upto 36 Kv(E)

    Features Adequete stress control Easy to handle Wide cross-section range Excellent behavious under envior ... Learn More

  2. 3 Core & 1 Core Straight Through Joints


    For XLPE / PVC / PILC Screened cables up to 36KV(E) Applications  

    Grip-Sil Heat Shrink Joints for XLPE / PVC / PILC Cables, from 3.3 KV(UE) up to 36 KV(E) for 3 core and 1 core cables.

    Features   Universally applicable Suitable for all conductor materials and connectors Easy & quick instillation Wide cross section range Adequate St ... Learn More

  3. Straight Through Joints Low Voltage

    Gripsil Heat Shrinkable Straight through Joints for XLPE / PVC / PILC Cables up to 1.1KV. Applications  

    For connecting PVC / XLPE Cables

    For use in -



    Cable Trays

    Features High electrical insulation values Good mechanical strength Wide range of cable cross section Good resistance against UV-radiation, alkaline e ... Learn More

  4. Cast Resin based Straight Joints & Branch Joints

    Gripsil Straight Joints & Branch Joints for 1100 Volts Applications  

    Gripsil cable jointing kits are specially designed for easy jointing of cable. The jointing kits have passed the Electricity Council C81 type test. The low Voltage jointing kits are used for XLPE /PVC/ PILC cables.

    The following kits are manufactured by us

    Straight through Joints

    Branch Join ... Learn More

  5. Grip-Sil Cable Jointing Compounds

    Cable Jointing Compounds Suitable upto 33Kv

    Cable jointing compounds manufactured by us are a two component, cold cured system. The compounds to be mixed in the system have moderate exotherm, Low Shrinkage, excellent impact heat, and shock resistance, no settling of compound on long storage, resistance to dilute acids, alkalizes, organic solvents and transformer oil. The compound is ideally us ... Learn More

  6. Low Voltage Terminations

    Gripsil Heat Shrinkable L.V Terminations suitable for sealing and insulating XLPE / PVC / PILC Cables upto 1.1KV

    Gripsil Heat Shrinkable L.V Terminations suitable for sealing and insulating XLPE / PVC / PILC Cables upto 1.1KV

    Application range

    Outdoor and Indoor from 25 sq. mm to 1000 sq. mm



    Water Proof

  7. Gripsil Bus Bar Tubes

    Gripsil Bus Bar Tubing's are made of specially formulated, irradiated cross-linked, flame-retardent, track resistant Polyolefins which will Shrink to fit rectangular, square or round Bus Bar. These tubing's are especially designed for insulating medium Voltage bus bars (till 36KV). Gripsil Bus Bar Heat Shrinkable tubes are also ideal for installation on Overhead Line to protect against accident ... Learn More

  8. Polymeric Insulators

    Polymeric Insulators For Outdoor Termination

    Termination mounted on a single pole require reasonable clearance from the structure and support. The Polymeric Insulators with mounting Brackets are used to provide support to the Outdoor terminations from 11KV up to 36KV.

    The insulator is made from a glass reinforced core covered with weather resistant Polymeric shaded sleeve with metallic ... Learn More

  9. Bimetallic Lugs & Connectors

    Gripsil has pioneered in manufacture of Bimetallic Crimping Type Friction welded Lugs & In-line Connectors, designed and tested as per BS 4759 standard. These Lugs & Connectors are manufactured from solid electrolytic grade material by friction welding. Friction welding is a superior technology to give a complete bonding between Aluminum & Copper

    We manufacture special purpo ... Learn More

  10. Aluminium Mechnical Type Connectors

    Aluminium Mechnical Shearhead Type Connectors

    We manufacture Shear Headtype Mechanical Aluminium Connectors which are suitable for 1.1KV cable connectors all ranges 4c x 16sq.mm to 4 c x 500 sq.mm. These connectors are suitable for circular and sector shaped condustors both for Aluminium and Copper. A Brass guage is provided with every connector which is to be wound over the copper condustor. ... Learn More

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